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Katya is a professional makeup artist based in Seattle, WA. 

Her journey in the beauty industry began as a hobby in 2010. While she was getting a master's degree in Economics she couldn't help but feel unhappy within the finance field. The decision to pursue makeup as a career was made upon graduation of college.

Working professionally since 2012, her goal has always been to perform with the highest level of professionalism and respect.


She currently owns an agency representing other professional stylists called the Bridal Beauty Agency.  


In her free time, she enjoys working with clay, traveling, running, and practicing yoga. In 2018 Katya finished her first marathon raising money for Outdoors for All Foundation. Running races for a good cause has become a part of her life since then.

In 2023 Katya opened a small ceramic studio "ACULINA". Working with clay became a therapeutic exploration and another creative outlet. 


Her clients include Patagonia, Walmart, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Bahama, LA Magazine, Subaru, Microsoft, Amazon, HULU, United Airlines, Go Daddy, Totokaelo, Asolo, T-Mobile, Amy Schumer, Taylor Tomlinson, Macklemore, Train, Zola Jesus, and more.

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